Your First Step to Do the Impossible

How To Take Time Off

I grew up thinking that taking an extended vacation was a fantasy or maybe even a little bit lazy.  That kind of thing was for someone else…not me.

After all, Americans only take half their paid vacation.

I once took a long vacation to Argentina. It was amazing, but I felt guilty most of the time.

Today though, I’m preparing for a two week vacation to Italy with my wife, daughter, sister, and mother…without the guilt.  Something I believed was impossible.

Here were the questions that held me back:

  • What about work?
  • What about my responsibilities?
  • What will everyone think?
  • What about school?
  • Who is going to be pay for this thing?
Faced with these overwhelming questions, I delayed.  Maybe I should wait until…
  • I retire
  • Timing is better
  • Never

Although I still don’t have all the answers, I’m not hesitating anymore.

This is because of a single moment, when I unknowingly took the first step to do the impossible.

Your First Step Might Unknowingly Happen

I was pretty comfortable in my 1 week vacation world.  That felt crazy enough.

Then my friend shared, “We are going to travel around the world for a year”.


Before that moment, I didn’t know anyone personally who had taken a two week vacation (or longer) to a foreign country during the middle of the school/work year.

Here they were taking a full year!

Suddenly, a two week vacation out of the country seemed very manageable and even a good idea.

My wife and I laughed about it at first, then got a little more serious, then actually blocked the two weeks on our calendar a year out.  Then we invited more family to go with us.

Our friends changed our perspective by role modeling different behavior.

Our belief was challenged and defeated within minutes that day. and it’s amazing how quickly things changed.

A year later…here we go!

Try This First Step to Do the Impossible

So for you it could be a trip, a big project in your personal life, or maybe proposing something REALLY huge at work…

Start with this little step..

Think ‘who’, before ‘how’.

Identify someone you know doing the thing you’re interested in, then watch how your perspective changes.  The ‘how’ evolves from there.

So who do you know that has personally done this before?

1. Ask around who has (fill in the blank):  written a book, defeated job frustration, delivered presentations from the stage, been promoted, asked for a raise, or taken an epic vacation)


2. Google your topic, find someone who has done it, then introduce yourself over email.

Notice how the simple first step of identifying who and getting to know them first can be perfect shortcut for your success.

Ciao and go get’em!


PS:  What would you like in your professional or personal life that’s seemingly impossible?  Who can you connect with to shift your perspective?

PPS:  I’m sharing more on my trip over on Instagram.