Inna Kuznetsova

How can you get your employees to take ownership of their work and do more?

It’s a question that consistently frustrates leaders. When employees don’t take ownership, leaders spend their time following up and even cleaning up after their team's mistakes. This wastes time and money.

However, when employees are truly “bought in”, their productivity and engagement increases. Leaders can then invest their time in higher value, strategic opportunities. With this at stake, employee ownership should really be a priority of every leader.

Enter Inna Kuznetsova as CEO of 1010data. In her interview on The CEO Sessions she explains three simple strategies to get your employees to take more ownership and boost their productivity.

1010data is a leading provider of cross-enterprise data analytics tools for retail, CPG and financial markets. 1010data helps customers rapidly transform data into knowledge and adjust their businesses to the fast changes in the market.  

She also serves on the board of Global Ports Investments Plc (LSE: GLPR).

Her previous roles include senior leadership positions at IINTTRA, the largest digital network and analytics provider for the ocean shipping industry, CEVA Logistics, and IBM where she spent 19 years in a variety of global roles with a primary focus on technology-driven innovation, fast sale-up and returning business back to growth. 

Inna completed her MS and Ph.D. study in mathematics at the Moscow State University and MBA in Columbia Business School. She is a frequent speaker on technology-driven innovation and an author of two best-selling career books in Russia. 

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  • How Inna overcame a big challenge growing up in Russia during Perestroika.
  • What it was like growing up in Russia and how it influenced her leadership.
  • How she became the first Russian born Global Vice President of IBM.
  • How she became a turnaround and scale-up specialist.
  • Persistence and toughness have allowed her to persevere.
  • Why every CEO should be a thought leader.
  • Why people need to hear your voice.
  • Advice for those who’d like to get to the C-Suite.
  • What is special about working with 1010data.
  • Why you must own your results and health.
  • The “good” turnover.
  • The “wrong kind” of turnover.


How things change when you start taking ownership:

  • Your company runs and executes better. 
  • There are delays in completing projects.


“Academia shapes your thinking.”

When it comes to having a setback... “You must learn to shake it off, move on, and learn something from it.”

“People leaving an organization is not a tragedy if they leave for the right reasons.”

“Our lives are longer than a single job.”


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