Isaac Mizrahi

Start sacrificing for your company culture. Your company culture is ultimately created by what you're willing to say no to. Saying "yes" to the wrong things (or too many things) dilutes and weakens your culture.

What opportunities are you willing to decline? What new hires and customers will you avoid?

I hosted Isaac Mizrahi, CEO of Alma - an advertising agency whose team hails from 31 different nationalities and created work that’s earned them 23 Cannes Lions and 7 Effie Awards. He shares a powerful principle that he uses to guide his company’s culture.

Alma has also been named to Ad Age’s prestigious A-List 6 times this decade and has earned “Agency of the Year”.

At the agency, Isaac works with several leading brands including PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Molson Coors, Google, and State Farm.

Prior to his position with Alma, he worked as a senior leader with Coca-Cola and Sprint Nextel. Focusing on multicultural marketing for the past 15 years, Isaac is excited by the meaningful growth that 60 million Latinos drive for U.S. businesses.

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  • The interesting thing that happens when he’s mistaken for legendary fashion designer who shares his same name.
  • Isaac’s urgent message for all leaders around multicultural marketing.
  • A powerful question that helps you IMMEDIATELY strengthen your culture.
  • The single principle he uses to guide his company’s culture.
  • How you can use the law of supply and demand to gauge your employee turnover.
  • The one trait he’d instill in every employee… curiosity.
  • A playbook for growing your LinkedIn influence.


"Leave the door open for new possibilities in your career."

"A principle isn't a principle unless it costs you something."


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