Jason Schulweis

Jason Schulweis is Head of Partnerships at Morning Brew where he oversees Sales, Account Management, and the Creative Studio (Integrated Marketing, Branded Content and Creative).

Morning Brew is a Media Company based in New York City with an audience of 3.5 Million subscribers. Their mission is to empower the Modern Business Professional with engaging and accessible content.

His team drives company revenue through native content campaigns from Morning Brew's network of media properties and platforms.

Prior to Morning Brew, Jason Schuleweis held leadership roles at MediaLink, Live Nation, Thrillist and Yahoo!

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  • The inspiring mission of Morning Brew.
  • Defining the “Modern Business Leader”.
  • The secret to engaging people with content.
  • Why every employee can and should be a content creator.
  • The best way for leaders to get their employees to positively represent their organization on social media.
  • Addressing the risk of “bad things” appearing in social media.
  • How employee generated social media content can drive higher sales.
  • How to use social media to attract great talent to your team.
  • The first step leaders should take to get their employees to become positive advocates on social media.
  • The benefit of becoming a thought leader, and how to do it.
  • Jason's “Crawl-Walk-Run” method to becoming a thought leader.
  • How Jason leveraged social media to help others be better prepared to interview with him.
  • The wake-up call for leaders around creating content.
  • Why empathy is the single trait Jason would like to instill in every employee.
  • A twist in Jason's career that led to his success.
  • Two tools that Jason recommends for every leader.


Benefits of being a thought leader:

  • You become an active participant in your company’s culture.
  • It improves your communications skills.
  • You help others.


"When it comes to encouraging social media within your team, “lead by example.”

"The company should create their “point of view” with the employees in mind." 

“If your leaders aren’t participating in social media, there is no example for other employees to follow.”

“The newsletter world is poised for growth.”


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