Jay Smith

What can a leader do to change a toxic work culture? When you’re in this position it can feel frustrating and even hopeless. If you can’t make progress, it can lead to higher employee turnover and even threaten your goals. 

Some leaders either give up entirely on changing the culture or ram through initiatives without garnering support first... neither is a recipe for success.

In my interview with Jay Smith, CIO of TracFone Wireless, you’ll discover the key to changing a toxic work culture and a positive first step to get others on board with the changes.

Jay has led positive change across TracFone Wireless. a company with revenues of $8B and 21M subscribers, and also with World Fuel Services, NASCAR, Tyco, and CNA.

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  • Jay’s first job that helped him realize his career path.
  • What inspired him most about his first professional job at Lockheed.
  • The turning point of his career.
  • What he learned running a consulting company, and how it helped him become a better corporate executive.
  • How to measure success when running your own company.
  • Why you need to foster the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” in your team, and how to nurture it.
  • Where decisions should be made in the company.
  • How to change a toxic work culture.
  • Why you must start small to build trust.
  • Two traits to instill in every employee... humility and vulnerability.
  • What happens when the senior leader asks for feedback.
  • A blueprint for giving feedback to your boss and team.


“Have the courage to take a risk, and go for your dream.”

“Create small cross-functional empowered teams that are responsible for business outcomes.“

“Start with small ways to earn credibility and trust.”


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