Jet Theuerkauf

Start using a digital workforce. It does the tedious work and allows your team to focus on the higher-value "human work". This improves profitability, efficiency and productivity while boosting job satisfaction.

I host Jet Theurkauf, Chief Customer Strategy and Transformation Officer of Blue Prism, who shares how every leader can benefit from digital workers right now.

If you've never heard of a digital worker (not remote worker), you may be surprised to learn that it's a category of software robot trained to perform a task or process in partnership with a human colleague.

Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation which combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver digital workers that take away the mundane tasks human workers are overloaded with and empowers them to focus on the profit driving initiatives only people can do.

Jet has more than 26 years of experience leading global transformation initiatives that deliver positive results.

Before coming to Blue Prism he was Head of Transformation at BNY Mellon. Jet has also served as the Chairman of the Diversity Committee for one of the largest banks in Europe, and he is constantly involved in philanthropic efforts.

He has multiple degrees in Psychology and advanced training in business specialties from Harvard, London Business School, and Thunderbird University.

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  • What feeding sharks teaches you about leadership.
  • Why pirates can be leadership role models.
  • What it was like being one of the first quality leaders at GE.
  • How to use digital workers (not remote workers) to boost profitability.
  • The urgency and opportunity for leaders to use digital workers.
  • How to accelerate your career with courage and tenacity.


“We take the robot out of people.”


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