Jim Joseph

There's a High Cost to Labeling Your Employees

Jim Joseph, CEO U.S. and Global Chief Marketing and Integration Officer at Ketchum, shares his personal story of overcoming this limitation in the workplace and how he rose to the C-Suite.

In your quest for team organization, the allure of labeling can be strong – a seemingly efficient way to slot individuals into defined roles.

However, this shortcut carries negative consequences, exacting a staggering toll on organizations through disengagement and high turnover rates, costing millions.

Overcome this with a single strategy Jim uses to cultivate a growth mindset among his vast workforce, ensuring their untapped potential continues to flourish, unburdened by limitations.

Jim has had a prolific career winning the 2023 Agency of the Year, PRvoke and PRWeek deemed them the “Most Awarded PR Agency, and Best Place to Work.

He’s also an Award-Winning Author of multiple books including:

“The Conscious Marketer” - Inspiring a Deeper and More Conscious Brand Experience

“Out and About Dad” - memoir of his Journey as a Father with all its Twists, Turns, and a Few Twirls, which BookAuthority awarded as one of the Best Fatherhood Books of All Time.

“The Experience Effect” Series - Engage Your Customers with a Consistent and Memorable Brand Experience

He has an undergraduate degree from Cornell and an MBA from Columbia and serves as an Adjunct Professor at NYU.

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  • His favorite advice that he received from a mentor.
  • How to build a leadership culture.
  • How he led organizations and made time to write three books.
  • Leadership lessons from the Jimmy Buffett Playbook.
  • Why he wrote a heart-felt memoir and how it became a bestseller.


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