Joey Habert

Joey Habert is the president of High Point Design, a division of The Moret Group in New York. High Point Design manufactures accessories, and hosiery, under many brands along with their world renowned Fuzzy Babbas!  

Joey has more than three decades of experience in the fashion and accessories retail/wholesale industry. Under Joey’s leadership, the company enjoyed great success and growth for 14 years

A strong believer in community and charity, Joey always gives back by spearheading various projects every year that help others – both locally in his community, as well as abroad.

Joey is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business.

Though Joey prefers to fly under the radar, he graciously agreed to this interview in the spirit of sharing some of the small lessons learned along the way; and because he simply couldn't say no to Ben, who over the years has become a good friend.


  • The reliable way to move up in your career.
  • Why “old school” may be the best way to move up in your company.
  • What you need to know about Moret and High Point Design.
  • An honest perspective on going through the patent process.
  • How faith can positively influence your leadership and how you conduct business.
  • The “Look Back” Theory… everything is for your good.
  • The one trait he’d instill in every employee… the ability to earn trust!
  • An email success strategy EVERYONE needs to use while they’re on vacation.
  • The easy way to transition an employee.
  • “The Roach Motel” strategy for reducing turnover.
  • The best decisions he’s ever made and how to make them yourself.
  • Why second place can give you a big advantage.


Advice for those early in their career:

  • There are no shortcuts.
  • Work hard.
  • Learn.


“Sometimes it’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up.”

“I’m old school. There are no shortcuts.”

“Stay consistent and keep building upon the foundation you’ve laid.”

“In your 20’s, work where there’s a mentor who you can learn from.”

“Your work experiences, early on, compound in value over time.”


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey

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