Jonathan Xavier Ozovek

Is the vision for your company and team being realized? Isn't that what leadership is all about?

Or, have you hit a roadblock getting your vision or your project moving forward?

This happens too often when stakeholders aren’t buying in. Leaders must navigate these obstacles and communicate what they are contributing to further the bigger picture of the organization.

I host Jonathan Xavier Ozovek, Corporate Mercenary and CTO of Iron Bow Technologies, where he shares his approach on how to align his vision with the goals of the broader organization’s success.

He was previously the first Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), which was the centralized technology agency for the Commonwealth of Virginia and Deputy CIO for the Commonwealth

Jonathan has been recognized for deploying first-in-the-nation IT services as well as achievements in research, development, and innovation with a focus on artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, and cyber resilience. 

He is also author of the upcoming book, The Corporate Mercenary.

Jonathan's LinkedIn profile

Iron Bow Technologies' website

Jonathan's website

Learn more about Jonathan's upcoming books:

The Corporate Mercenary

The Transformational Field Manual


  • What is a Corporate Mercenary, and why Jonathan wrote a book about it.
  • The guiding principle he uses to transform organizations.
  • Why achieving financial freedom makes you a better leader.
  • The hierarchy of what companies really want from their employees.
  • The moment in the 1980s that changed the employee-employer relationship.
  • Why helping your team achieve financial freedom helps you retain them.
  • An amazing story of how Jonathan retained a top performer who was about to quit.
  • The “College Football Coach” strategy for employee retention.


The Corporate Mercenary by Jonathan Ozovek

The Transformation Field Manual by Jonathan Ozovek

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