Kavitha Mariappan

This word motivated her to turn adversity to opportunity.

Fuel your motivation with Kavitha Mariappan’s positive leadership message. She shares the word that motivated her to tackle big challenges in her career and as she says “turn adversity into opportunity and bring others along too.”

She is the Executive Vice President of Customer Experience and Transformation and the DEI Executive Sponsor at Zscaler. She has extensive experience leading organizations through transformational change, innovation and growth. She also speaks to many executives and board members on the criticality and benefits of having a strong cyber risk strategy and positioning.

She previously was a senior leader with Split, Databricks, Riverbed Technologies, and Cisco.

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  • A strategy to create opportunity from adversity.
  • How parenting has impacted her leadership journey.
  • The essential question leaders must ask about cybersecurity.
  • The alarming impact of deep fakes on companies: A startling example.
  • Empowering your team: A proven strategy to instill accountability.
  • What she’s learned as a DEI Executive Sponsor.
  • What employee resource groups can do for your organization.


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