Kay Oswald

Obsess or fail.

These words have become the new mantra for every business leader who wants to thrive in today's challenging market.

Yet, despite this understanding, many struggle to implement the right strategies to create a customer-first culture that will drive growth and keep them ahead of the competition.

Enter Kay Oswald, CEO and Board Member at Technogym USA. In this interview, he shares the most vital trait he instills in every employee and lays out the essential steps to building a culture that obsessively focuses on the customer experience.

If you want to ensure your team not only survives but thrives in the long term, you can't afford to miss his playbook.

Technogym, the Wellness Company is a world leader in designing and manufacturing fitness equipment. They have over 2,300 employees across 14 branches in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Australia,

Technogym exports 90% of its production to 100 countries. Every day, over 50 million people train with Technogym equipment in more than 80,000 Wellness Centers and 300,000 homes all over the world.

Technogym has been the Official Supplier of the last 8 editions of the Olympic Games - from Sydney 2000 to Tokyo 2020. Its dedication and state-of-the-art solutions are used by many top-level athletes and sports teams from tennis star Rafael Nadal to Ferrari Formula 1.

Kay is also a Board Member at A111 and Mi Abuelito Te Presta.

He’s also had leadership roles at Philips Consumer Lifestyle and KitchenAid, and Smiledirectclub.

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  • Unlocking the CEO's mind: Revealing hacks to gauge curiosity and openness in interviews.
  • The life-changing lesson one CEO learned on his second job.
  • Insights from a CEO's fitness journey and the favorite workout machine that gets him there.
  • The future of fitness: Predictions for how equipment will look different in 5 years.
  • The single biggest trend shaping the future of fitness.
  • No more terrible hotel gyms: How Technogym solved the hospitality industry's biggest problem.
  • The mindset that drives success.
  • Starting on the right foot: How the CEO sets the tone for staff meetings to keep the focus on what matters.
  • The most memorable call he ever took.
  • How his biggest mistake led to his greatest success.
  • Optionality: The key to future-proofing your career and business.
  • Why a CEO's leadership style must match the company's balance sheet.


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