Kevin Murphy

Get inspired by this powerful message from Kevin Murphy, Area President at Gallagher, where he started as an intern and rose to the President’s role over 16 years.

He shares his personal leadership strategy to create a powerfully transcendent culture that engages employees and drives long-term commitment and success. What leader doesn’t want that!

You’ll also hear the inspiring story behind this idea that he discovered in his first big leadership role when he was relocated to Kingston, Jamaica and he’s been building on it ever since.

Gallagher is the Insurance, Risk Management, Consulting Company

He’s a perennial “40 under 40” nominee in the markets he’s served and has the distinction of having 4 boys under 6 years old.

Kevin's LinkedIn profile

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  • What he learned about leading from the US Special Forces.
  • How to “intersect” with great leaders.
  • The coffee meeting that changed his life.
  • What drives him.
  • A transcendent leadership moment.
  • Help to boost leadership in West Africa.
  • What happened in Kingston, Jamaica that accelerated his leadership.
  • How you really reach the front line.


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