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Start developing your leadership sales skills. Selling is one of the most important skills that leaders can develop in themselves and their teams. It’s an opportunity to develop persistence, resilience, and positively impact the top and bottom line.

I host Larry Hartmann, CEO of ZRG Partners, who shares three sales success strategies for every leader.  

ZRG Partners is one of the fastest growing mid-sized global executive search firms in the industry. He is a results-driven leader with a broad business background in executive search as well as in industry. As CEO, Larry is responsible for driving overall growth, client engagement and profitability of the firm. A key focus for Larry is engaging and recruiting top talent to join the firm as well as selectively pursuing additional acquisitions that fit the ZRG culture.

Prior to joining ZRG in 2002, Larry was a founder of Rockford Industries, a NASDAQ traded commercial lending business that supported the medical device market. While at Rockford, the firm went from a pure start up, to an Inc. 500 recognized growth firm through IPO and ultimate sale to American Express. This experience provided a unique view of growing a business, raising capital and hiring talent, through virtually all business stages. After the sale, Larry was an EVP with American Express for three years.

Additionally, Larry also has broad board of director experience. In addition to public company experience as a board member, he has also served on boards in both Private Equity and Venture backed businesses. Larry has also served on the Equipment Finance Industry Foundation board for six years. Currently, Larry is a member of the Kean University Business School Board and leads a non-profit board, Crossroads Job Network, which creates jobs for the community of Paterson, NJ.

Larry is a graduate of The California State University at Fullerton Business School.

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  • How a polo shirt provided a dose of motivation.
  • The skill Larry developed in high school that gave him the ultimate head start in his career.
  • Are sales skills more “nature” or “nurture”?
  • Three sales success strategies.
  • The story behind founding his first company… Rockford Industries.
  • What it was like selling his company to American Express.
  • How you create a resilient team.
  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in a big company.
  • The “customer-centric” mindset.
  • A strategy to keep your team encouraged.
  • Biggest mistakes leaders make when retaining employees.
  • What leaders should avoid on social media.
  • How do you decide if you should keep going when you’re getting “No’s.
  • It Is effective to get feedback on your business idea.
  • Using NLP to build rapport.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

John Maxwell


“People don’t work for companies. People work for people”.

When it comes to sales, ” ‘No’ may only mean ‘Not Now’”.


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