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Stop sacrificing your personal life in the name of achieving career success. When you're a leader, the weight of responsibility often feels like it's on your shoulders. Many don't understand that leadership can be one of the most stressful jobs in world, and it can be really tough balancing your personal life with your professional one.

You'll discover a helpful work-life balance strategy that every leader can use in my interview with Lori Stacy, CEO of Trader Interactive, a Goldman Sachs and Eurazeo portfolio company.

She joined Trader Interactive early in her career and quickly rose through the ranks from Sales Manager to National Sales Trainer, General Manager, Director, President, and finally CEO. They are the leading provider of digital marketing & online advertising for the lifestyle vehicles & commercial equipment industry.

Collectively, they reach over 7 million monthly unique visitors through their online marketplaces, power thousands of dealer websites, and offer unique tools to assist dealers in more effectively running their businesses and serving their customers.

Some of their brands include CycleTrader.com, RVTrader.com, RV Web Services, Commercial Web Services, CommercialTruckTrader.com, and EquipmentTrader.com.

Lori also served as a senior leader at Dominion Enterprises where she successfully transitioned from a print-based business to a fully digital company.

During Lori's tenure as Trader Interactive's CEO, she has prioritized diversity and inclusion in hiring, as evidenced by the diverse leadership team at Trader Interactive.

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The unexpected moment that accelerated Lori's career.


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