Mareth Griffith

Get inspired by our Wilderness Guide, Mareth Griffith, who led us on an epic adventure in the Alaskan Wild.

You’ll discover her amazing stories and insights for leading your team through even the most dangerous situations and conditions.

She’s worked on expedition cruise ships since 2015, leading adventurous souls on epic quests to seek out glaciers, bears, and whales in the wilds of coastal Alaska and beyond.

In her fifteen years as an Alaska naturalist, she’s worked for remote lodges inside Kenai Fjords National Park, led winter sea kayaking trips in Alaskan fjords, and worked as a tour guide for a marine mammal rehabilitation center. Outside of Alaska, Mareth has guided in Antarctica, Mexico, Hawaii and Northern Ireland—where her nearest neighbors included two thousand puffins and the ghost of a spectral black horse.

Mareth graduated with a degree in music from Smith College, and worked as a theatrical sound technician on the East Coast for two years before returning to Alaska for good. She holds certifications as a Wilderness First Responder, ACA coastal kayak guide, and is a Coast-Guard-licensed boat captain. Mareth plays violin and guitar, and her writing has been published in literary journals and through Parvus Press. When she’s not in the field, Mareth lives in an off-grid cabin surrounded by blueberry bushes in the woods outside of Seward, Alaska.

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  • The secret to guiding a thrilling Alaskan trip (regardless of age or ability).
  • Crucial leadership behaviors in the face of danger: A guide's perspective.
  • Taming guests’ fear and anxiety in the Alaskan wilderness.
  • Crafting an unforgettable experience: The storytelling secrets of great guides.
  • Face-to-face with a bear: How to react and prevail in the wilderness.
  • The hardest lesson she learned as a guide.
  • A time her mettle was tested when leading a glacier trek.
  • Why she chose the life of a wilderness guide.
  • What it’s like living off the grid in Alaskan winters!


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