Michelle Carnahan

Stop always leading with data. Leaders need to share stories too! A great leadership story helps build trust, inspires, and creates connection. 

We all know that stories are a powerful way to communicate and connect with people, but sometimes it's hard to see how we can use them at work. Storytelling can help become better leaders and help us achieve our goals.

I hosted Michelle Carnahan, President of Thirty Madison, who shares how storytelling can help you become a better leader and help you achieve your goals.

Thirty Madison is the premier healthcare company for people living with chronic conditions. After spending more than 25 years in healthcare and treatment innovation, Michelle joined Thirty Madison because of her commitment to patients and her desire to improve chronic care.

Her background in strategy, marketing, and operations at Sanofi and Eli Lilly allowed her to see how having access to the care patients needed changed their lives for the better.

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  • Why you need more than just data to inspire your team and customers.
  • Three steps to tell an inspiring leadership story.
  • Her personal story of getting into healthcare, and she uses it to motivate her team.
  • How to respond when someone says “you're way too emotional” at work.
  • A strategy to increase team empathy.
  • What she learned about transparency from Brene Brown.
  • The story she used to help launch one of the most successful pharmaceutical line extensions.
  • Your competitive advantage is when your team brings their “whole selves” to work.
  • 4 kinds of life guides that every leader needs.


"Introduce yourself slowly."


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