Mike Burns

You can leave to start your business without burning bridges.

Aspiring entrepreneurs often grapple with the dilemma of starting their own business without damaging professional relationships. CIO Mike Burns of Benco Dental shares his inspiring journey of taking a leap of faith, starting his own business, and strengthening the relationship with his boss. Learn from his valuable insights on how to build a successful business while preserving important professional connections.

Benco Dental is the largest privately held dental distributor in North America.

Mike’s had an untraditional career starting in software development, detour into Sales Operations, and then back to IT - which now encompasses traditional IT but also enterprise-wide project management and continuous improvement.

After 11.5 years at Benco, quitting in May to start his own business in the fall focused on generational AI.

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  • Why he was compelled to share his resignation news on LinkedIn.
  • Gen AI's mission: Solving threats and seizing opportunities.
  • The unexpected transformations of AI's impact on our world.
  • Taking the leap of faith: How to determine if entrepreneurship is right for you.
  • The crucial step to take before resigning from your job.
  • Three distinct ways corporate life prepares you for entrepreneurship.
  • Unlearning corporate mindsets for entrepreneurial success.
  • Lessons in success from attending four high schools in four years.


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