Monica Novomisle

Great Resignation? It's vital to take a deeper look at what's really happening for company leaders and the employees choosing to leave for greener pastures.

I hosted Chief People Officer of Kraft Heinz North American, Monica Novomisle, who shares why companies who are willing to create a thoughtful strategy aren't facing the sames levels of employee turnover that you're hearing about in the WSJ these days.

Research shows that many employees who have resigned are now regretting that decision.

In Monica's 20 plus years of experience, she’s worked with leadership teams at Kraft Heinz, Diageo, and Tory Burch, to achieve total business and culture transformations, focusing on changes in performance culture, coaching culture, employee experience, and corporate integrity and compliance.

She has lived and worked in six countries and been the head of HR in Canada, United States, Greater China, and APAC. Monica holds multiple degrees from various institutions including Trinity College, University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and the University of Connecticut School of Law.

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  • The big lesson she’s learned working in six different countries.
  • A time that leading with empathy paid off and a time it didn’t.
  • Helpful advice to avoid burnout.
  • What research says is REALLY going on during the Great Resignation.
  • Why getting stuck in a “short-term mindset” is so dangerous for leaders and their teams.
  • The insight that Monica’s grandmother shared that accelerated her career.
  • A parenting hack to be more present with your family.


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