Natalie Putnam

Natalie Putnam is Chief Executive Officer at DeliveryCircle.

DeliveryCircle is a proprietary technology-based same-day delivery solution provider providing a technology platform for final mile fleets.   

Natalie has more than 30 years in the logistics industry and has served as the Chief Commercial Officer at Verst Logistics and other senior leadership positions at YRC Worldwide, Ryder Systems, Kansas City Railroad.

Her leadership was put to the test at YRC Worldwide when the troubled trucking company sought her leadership to reduce turnover of their 600+ sales force during an economic downturn that threatened the company with bankruptcy. 

Natalie is a member of the advisory boards of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, AWESOME Leaders, and the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). She earned her undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University.

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  • The question Natalie asked that led to her choosing a business career.
  • How to communicate directly and respectfully.
  • How to increase communication effectiveness.
  • The question that helps you set your sights higher and accelerate your career.
  • What it was like working in Jimmy Hoffa’s “local” for her first big job.
  • What it was like being one of the first women in management at her company.
  • Sales stories from 8 Mile in Detroit (yes, the same place as Eminem hails from)
  • The single strategy that boosts your team’s productivity.
  • A personal example of the shadow-side of stress.
  • The hardest layoff Natalie ever had to make.
  • How to summon your courage.
  • The “finger print” strategy to get your big idea accepted by the C-Suite.
  • Strategies to conquer imposter syndrome.
  • Why you should add music to your meeting.


Advice for underrepresented groups in the C-Suite:

  • Discard the fear.
  • If you want to lead, lead.
  • Compete on competence.
  • Show up with gravitas.
  • Lower voice has more command.

What traits Natalie is looking for when hiring new people:

  • They need to be ambitious, eager and passionate.
  • Be humble.
  • Be smart emotionally and intelligently.

How employees should communicate their big ideas:

  • You should socialize it with someone else before bringing it to the meeting.
  • Your big idea is not about making a name for yourself but making the company better.
  • Tweak your ideas and let other people put their fingerprints on it.


  • “Ask “What else can I do?”.  Ask “What can I do to develop myself?”
  • “Compete on competence.”
  • “Show up with gravitas.”
  • “It’s critical to make your ‘work’, work for you.”


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