MASSIVE Creativity Improv


It seemed nearly impossible for me to overcome the fear.

It covered me like a blanket.

I was standing in the green room at the back of the theater waiting to go on stage.

There had been a knot in my stomach and butterflies the size of vulture swarming uncomfortably in my belly.

Not to mention, it had been two nervous, energy-draining nights in preparation.

I’d experienced fear before but this was a new height of fear…welcome to “Improv Comedy 101”.

Improv can feel Scary and Risky

I was always intrigued by improvisational theatre since I had been to the first performance recital of a friend in NYC a few years ago.

I decided to jump into the ring (or onto the stage) and these classes had pushed my fear buttons in a different way.

In improv theater you don’t know what, who, or where you are as an actor until you jump on stage.

You’re totally reliant upon your own ability to think on your feet, be in the moment with your partner, and the crowd.

You exchange a few lines with your partner and build a scene from scratch in front of a few hundred people.

The comedy (or lack there of) is in the “working it out” on stage and escalating the absurdity of the situation.

So in final preparation I got sick beforehand and “purged” my own fear, but it still seemed to be there.

I had no idea that engaging in such risky behavior as Improv could endanger my health, sanity, and dinner.

Moving Through It

I walked on-stage it all turned out ok.

I may or not may not be funny, but I survived.

Even enjoyed it.

Ultimately, you’ll find it’s usually better to be in the ring taking the punches, than sitting in the stands.

When you face your fear and push through it you’ll feel electrified.

You benefit from an enriching experience and learn deeply about yourself.

You’ll likely discover something new about connecting with a passion at a deeper level. 

Overcoming Fear can be Inspiring

When you overcome fear, the obstacles you run into afterwards seem smaller and more manageable.

I came into work the next day I was charged to get things done and to push the envelop a bit more on some projects I felt stuck on.

A fresh new wave of momentum was building.

So what’s the biggest fear you face in your career?

What exciting possibilities are available by pushing through?

What’s waiting to be discovered?

To Igniting your Career!