Episode 7: Paige Oldham

CFO, Paige Oldham, breaks down how to use mindfulness as strategic tool in the C-Suite.

She is CFO at Health Solutions, a regional non-profit that provides primary care and behavioral health services in Southern Colorado. She is also an expert in mindfulness.

In seven years of working for this non-profit, she grew revenues 133% from $18 million to $42 million and headcount 60% and expanded operations from one to eight different companies, growing organically.

She has over 30 years of experience as a strategic, operational leader working effectively with C-level teams and investors to elevate companies to the next stages of growth.

Paige also works with companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to find and create their personalized versions of success and happiness using mindfulness techniques. You can read more of her ideas for increasing your own happiness and success at Simple Mindfulness.

She has also written two books, called The Joy of Now Journal: Mindfulness in Five Minutes a Day and The Mindful Guide to the Law of Attraction that teach how to implement a little mindfulness in your day.

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Simple Mindfulness website

The Joy of Now Journal: Mindfulness in Five Minutes a Day and The Mindful Guide to the Law of Attraction book


How you become a CFO who is also a well-known expert in mindfulness.

Paige’s incredible story of climbing the corporate ladder in a major accounting firm to working on a Dude Ranch to CFO.

How Junior Achievement and hanging out with artists and musicians early on helped craft her early career direction.

How to use your intuition to guide your career in the most pivotal moments

Why a sabbatical can be helpful in your career.

The unique advantage discussing your sabbatical can give you a job interview.

The first step you should take in considering a sabbatical.

How and why to start a blog on the side of your current job.

The Story of Leo Babauta (The founder of Zen Habits) thrashing of her website…and how this moment helped her improve.

How to define mindfulness and benefit at the office.

Paige's story of when she used mindfulness to tame the office bully.

A quick mindfulness meditation you can use to boost the effectiveness of your next staff meeting.


“Be right here, right Now, without judgement.”

“The ‘why’ behind it has to be strong enough to make the decision to actually go out and do it.”


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