Patrick Urban

Patrick Urban, President of Merz Aesthetics, shares the remarkable role that toxins, injectables, and fillers play in today's Zoom calls and Town Halls, backed by the surge of the "Zoom Boom" within the Aesthetics industry.

Get inspired by Patrick's transformative leadership journey and the empowering mission that drives their organization.

He shatters so many misconceptions (and many that I had) that advanced skin-care is exclusively for celebrities and influencers.

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  • His leadership philosophy distilled into one saying.

  • Why he grounds his career in 'digging in'.
  • The one skin-care hack that all
  • Debunking aesthetic industry misconceptions.
  • Why the ‘Zoom Boom” accelerated the aesthetics industry.
  • Navigating uncertainty: Leading with clarity when the path fades.
  • Why he prioritizes life balance versus work-life balance.
  • How to learn to trust your gut.
  • Why he recommends every leader study psychology.
  • The book fueling Patrick's leadership inspiration.


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