Paying your duesAre you paying your dues at the office?

Do you always follow the rules, do exactly as your told, and deliver the expected results?

Ever work yourself to death for goals that desperately need updating and don’t even make sense?

I paid my dues for years, and it was a mistake that held back my contribution to my team, the organization, and my own career.

Paying your dues should get you demoted.

Paying Your Dues Kills

There are too many people sitting in cubicles around the world paying their dues, letting their talent and passion go to waste.

Both the companies and employees know they have more to offer this very second but…

It’s not happening.

It remains an untapped resource.

You can blame the company for not using their talents wisely or blame the employees for not speaking up and offering it.

But the results are the same.

Paying your dues is killing the workplace and leaving it void of inspiration, innovation, and creativity (the critical things we need in an uncertain, stagnating world economy).

Paying your dues leaves the dreams of the masses locked in passion purgatory and leads to wide-scale resentment, resignation, and kicking the dog when you come home.

Time to demote the “dues payers”, or we’re just going to get more of the same.

Can someone do something, please?

Paying Your Dues is for the Cog

Paying your dues is for the employee who wants to be a cog in the wheel.

It’s for the employee that wants to play the safe game, get their check, and doesn’t worry if they’re making an impact.

It’s true that the cog usually cares about the company and maybe that is worth keeping the cog on the payroll.

But turns out there is an over supply of cogs and that alone is enough for demotion.

In Corp we don’t have a cog shortage, we have ruckus shortage. Click to Tweet

We need the ruckus creator, the pot stirrer, and the fly in the ointment.

They bring the spice. They bring the hope.  They bring the new possibility.

The Lie about Being a Cog

You see, the lie about paying your dues is that if you work hard and keep your head down, you’ll get what you want.

Here is how the cog believes they’ll get promoted:

Paying Your Dues + Years of Your Life – Moments Creating a Ruckus = Promotion

Sometimes the cog gets lucky (I even did a few times), but it’s not sustainable over the long haul.

Dues paying puts your own personal ruckus (and your biggest opportunities for advancement) on the back burner for years and maybe even your entire career.

The reality for promotion is now more like this:

Selectively Paying Dues + Timing + Leverage + Periodic Ruckus Creation = Promotion Click to Tweet

The reality for promotion is that you choose when and where you pay your dues.

You watch for the right time to be bold and seize your opportunity to make an impact.

You leverage your strengths and passion.

You doggedly and periodically make a ruckus for change.

How the Ruckus Maker Gets Promoted

So with this mind, promote the employees that…

  • Make a ruckus and disturb business as usual.
  • Let them know what you’re really capable of and specify how the boss or board can better utilize your strengths.
  • Disagree with what they’ve been told to and surprise everyone with a bigger result doing it differently.
  • Propose bold solutions to address the big problem that plague the office.
  • Generate ideas for change that make you say “Wow”, but at the same time make you feel incredibly uncomfortable usually because it means something big for your own  job, department, and world could change because of what was said.

What do you believe about paying your dues at the office?

To Igniting Your Career!

Your Chief Burnout Officer

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