Philip Turpin

Telling your team what to do can cost you and your company.

Obsessive micromanagers usually make terrible team leaders and leading like a dictator can drive up turnover, thwart innovation, and stunt the growth of your team.

The bottom-line is that micromanagement is bad for business.

I host CTO, Phillip Turpin, at TechnologyAdvice. He shares a common mistake that leaders often make plus a leadership strategy that can accelerate your impact and your team’s progress.

The way he explains this mistake you’ll probably have the same reaction I did… ‘Um, I’ve done that.”

He’s also worked for Executive Director at Ramsey Solutions, a Dave Ramsey Company, and explains the positive lessons he learned during his time there.

TechnologyAdvice is a full-service B2B media company that delivers marketing and data for 600+ technology companies. Put another way, they connect technology providers with buyers who are actively researching products like theirs.

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  • What playing music in a band and leading a company have in common.
  • The event that changed Phillip’s leadership approach.
  • Why the best leaders are coaches too.
  • Two great books to equip leaders with coaching skills.
  • How do you get the answer out of your team? How do you encourage critical thinking?
  • What it was like being a leader inside of David Ramsey’s organization.
  • How to create a different environment for your team.
  • Why he's farming outside of work.


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