It’s Official: Going Back to Work after Vacation is Awesome

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Vacations Over

For years I dreaded going back to work after vacation.

I would even get stressed about work while I was still on vacation; having it culminate in a terrible night sleep because I was anxious about the tsunami of work waiting.

I’d arrive at the office grouchy just slogging through the entire day and every conversation.

Moreover, I found that my entire week back from vacation was like a 5 day penalty just catching up.

I burned out on returning to work in this old, unproductive and unsatisfying mindset.

The good news is that heading back to the office doesn’t have to be stressful. 

In fact, it’s a golden opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

You can learn to embrace the opportunity that returning to work after vacation represents.

You see if you know the top reasons that returning to work from vacation is awesome then you’re more likely to:

  • Avoid burnout your first day back in the office
  • Have an advantage in how you tackle work problems that come up
  • Maintain your sanity and not get overwhelmed
  • Position yourself to better handle your workload
  • Better position yourself from promotion

It’s like getting the proverbial slap on the keister from Coach Nick Saban to get back to practice and get back to work.

The Top Five Reasons Returning to the Office after Vacation is a Big Career Opportunity:

1.) Brand New Conversations

It’s like there’s a doorway available to new conversations with co-workers that weren’t available beforehand.

You can start by selecting a topic where you can get to know more about them and connect on an entirely different level.

You can start simply by asking about how their vacation went (assuming they were out the same time you were).

It’s amazing how you can have a powerful conversation with your co-worker by just sharing how stressful it can be to come back to the office.

Co-workers usually totally get this feeling and may even even help with your workload (if you make a request).

These conversations can break the ice and lay the ground work for other topics you’ve been wanting to address.

Of course, the door closes quickly once the office busyness pick-up, so act quickly.

2.) Practice Your Ideal Return

You’re going to taking vacations throughout your career (hopefully), so it’s time to start practicing how you want to arrive back to the office.

It takes time and practice to achieve mastery of this skill.

Try writing down the night before how you want your first day back to go and then reflect on how it went the evening after.

For me the first couple times I did this my ideal return was far off from what I envisioned but with practice I noticed things starting to align.

If this is new to you, just be patient and be compassionate with yourself.

It takes practice.

3.) Bigger Impact

If your entire office has been on vacation, you’ll find your return to be a golden opportunity to make a big impact in the organization.

Your co-workers may be going through the post vacation blues themselves and don’t discount the value of being the one to bring the positive energy.

You might even find that there is space to bring new ideas to the table for discussion that can make a huge impact within the organization.

4.) Fresh Perspective

When you return from vacation you may find a new perspective on your to-do list (I usually do).

It’s a great chance to re-evaluate and re-prioritize.

You might even end up questioning how some things made it on there it begin with, and you can just scratch them off (thus reducing your work stress instantly…).

5.) Routine.  ahhh….

You get back into rhythm.

This is often a safe-haven from a unplanned/or even over planned week.

It can be nice to get back into your sleeping, eating, and exercise routine.

You’ll often find when you’re back into a routine you start to think more clearly and things like creativity, writing, and even execution are easier.

Return to Work Stress; Be Gone!

Bring on the office and embrace the opportunity.

To Igniting Your Career!

Ben, the burnout specialist