Robert Dodge

Is your office safe? Have you ever had or witnessed an incident at work where safety was compromised? How would this situation have been different if it were safer?

I’m not just talking about tripping over a cord or having something thrown at you from someone’s office window. What about getting dysentery while traveling or being caught up in a criminal ambush?

These are all things leaders can prepare themselves for. In this episode, you’ll learn how to make your office safer without spending a fortune.

Robert Dodge is the CEO of Global Risk Services at Prosegur, one of the top security companies in the world. He’s giving you some of the best tips to keep your workplace safer while still looking professional.

He’s served as a senior executive at the world’s largest three security firms with tenure at G4S, Pinkerton, and oversees the physical and digital security for organizations in 90+ countries. He also served honorably in the U.S. Navy and is a graduate of Northeastern University.

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  • What Robert learned from the “School of Hard Knocks”.
  • Navy work hours on 4 hours of sleep per night.
  • Advice for his younger self.
  • A colorful story from working for the three top security companies in the world.
  • The moment you need to take your security to the next level.
  • Where the bad guys are.
  • Common security mistakes.
  • Get an ROI on your security investment.
  • Two traits he’d instill in every employee... passion and energy.
  • His take on how employee turnover impacts security. It’s BIG!
  • Stress management in a stressful business.
  • A twist in Robert’s career that led to his growth and opportunity.
  • Three success strategies for every employee.
  • Business insights from the tennis court.


Traits Robert would instill into every employee:

  • Passion for what they do
  • Energy
  • Positive Attitude


“Grow yourself and embrace technology.”

“Business is about the people more than the brand or logo.”

“The network came to my rescue.”


The Art of War - Sun Tzu

Good to Great - Jim Collins


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