Ronan Dunne

Many believe that finding talented individuals and putting them together will create an unstoppable team, but that's rarely always the case. It takes a lot more than just hiring good people to build a great team. 

I host Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President and strategic advisor to the CEO of Verizon Communications, the leading US telecoms provider. 

He shares the truth about building a great team and a key strategy to do it the right way. Ronan was formerly the executive vice president and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, where he helped define a new era of possibilities with the introduction of 5G and was responsible for voice, data, and video products and services to more than 120 million consumers every day. 

Before coming to Verizon, Ronan was CEO of Telefónica UK (O2), the leading UK wireless operator and one of the UK’s most admired brands. 

He’s also held senior positions in banking with Banque Nationale de Paris, Exel plc, and Waste Management International plc.

Ronan represents Verizon on the board of Yahoo, Inc. and is non-executive chairman of Six Nations Rugby Limited that oversees commercial and marketing operations for men's and women’s international rugby tournaments. 

He was named Lloyds Bank National Business Awards finalist in 2014 and Ethical Corporation CEO of the year in  2015. In 2016 he was the Sabre Awards EMEA CEO of the Year and in 2019 the American Ireland Fund honored him with their Corporate Leadership Award. He received the 2020 Transformative CEO Award in Leadership by The CEO Forum.

Ronan's LinkedIn profile

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  • What Ronan’s learned about leadership from sport.
  • The most overlooked strategy when building a great team. 
  • Why leaders must make the distinction between deliverables versus outcomes.
  • A key to instilling confidence in every leader.
  • The pros and cons of Ready Aim Fire versus Ready Fire Aim.
  • The question that led to a big opportunity involving O2 Arena… the world’s most successful live-entertainment arena.
  • Why you must become the “Chief Storyteller”.
  • Two things every leader can do to harness the power of 5G.
  • The 10-million person phone outage that became an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. 


“If you have attitude and curiosity, almost everything else can be taught.”

“As a leader its not what you do, it’s what you make happen.”

“Define the question clearly before embarking on the search for an answer.”


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