Ronni Zehavi

Don't forget that the "DNA" for a successful team is established EARLY. It consists of communication patterns, relationships, and processes. When you ignore these, it can lead to team fragility, disengagement, and a toxic work environment.

So don't focus on results so much that you forget to address this critical step.

I hosted CEO and Co-Founder, Ronni Zehavi at HiBob, and we dove in deep on what it takes to give your team the ultimate head start.

Hibob is a cloud-based People Management platform for fast-growing businesses that cover the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding.

Hibob's unique employee engagement platform enhances company culture, reduces churn, and provides invaluable insights about your company while reducing the administrative burden of HR.

Ronni has over 25 years of experience in multinational, hi-tech companies. Prior to setting up Hibob, he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Silicon Valley-based Bessemer Venture Partners.

He's also the strategic advisor and co-founder of Team8 Cyber Security, a powerhouse developing disruptive tech in the cyber security space.

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  • The story behind naming his company HiBob.
  • Why Josh Bersin has coined them a “darling of the HCM industry”.
  • Why “Bob” their technology platform is like “Instagram in the front and Workday in the back”.
  • 3 keys for creating a great team.
  • Why your first 20 hires matter most.
  • The Great Resignation. Why is it happening?


“Before you think about attrition, think about retention.”

“Your first 20 hires set the DNA of your company.”

“Your direct reports must have “wide shoulders”.

“Retention is not an HR issue. It’s something every manager must address.”


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