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Did you know that the most important leadership skill also happens to be the one that leaders shun the most?

It’s unfortunate that so many leaders avoid it because it increases your success in any job, field, or economy. 

I host CEO, Ryan Northington, of Simplus who shares why leaders must develop this skill and how you can do it quickly

Ryan Northington is CEO of Simplus, the North America and ANZ Salesforce arm of Infosys that’s the leader in quote-to-cash transformation. He's previously served in a leadership capacity at several other companies including Accenture.

In this current role he’s focused on growth and balancing working from home with young children while leading a global organization.

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  • How to tell if you’re leadership material.
  • What happened when he was in a burning building.
  • Two powerful strategies to lead a remote workforce.
  • The one trait that he’d like to instill in every employee.
  • How asking a single question helps you lead your team.
  • The moment the worst part of his job became his favorite.
  • His two favorite books for leaders.


The Kick Six (Still breaks my heart every time I watch this)  

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and Robert Ury 

Selling the Wheel by Jeff Cox


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