The Secret Tweak that Increased my Sales Overnight (Podcast)


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Sales burnout is real.

In fact, I burned out in a sales position in the Manhattan Fashion District, and I’d gotten kicked out a building for the last time.

That day I also lost my biggest client, got sunburned, and stepped in dog poop.  It was getting pretty discouraging for me.

But in that moment, I discovered something that helped me to:

  • Keep going even when the “No’s” were piling up
  • Boost my confidence level
  • Increase my sales

Before I share the tweak I made, I wanted to explain how you’re in Sales.  You see, you don’t have to be pounding the pavement in NYC and going door-to-door to actually be in Sales.

You are in Sales No Matter Your Position

In fact every single job I’ve ever heard of has a critical sales component….

It could be that you’re selling yourself in a job interview, to your new boss, or to your coworkers for a new product launch.

or even selling in your personal life like…

to a new person you’d like to go out with your spouse to join you on a Valentine’s date.

But I can tell you that most people go about this all wrong, just like I did for years.

The Tweak I Made that Changed Everything

I’m exited to share with you these tips from a live presentation I made to the sales team at a major organization recently (feel free to share them with anyone you think can benefit).  You can also listen in iTunes here.

Since it’s a bit longer than my usual podcast, I’ve mapped out the times for you:

  • My own story of the worst sales day of my life – 2:55
  • The secret tweak I made that made all the difference – 6
  • How this tweak totally changed my approach – 7:30
  • Why giving a Wedgie can be a helpful way to connect – 8:45
  • Why it’s important to understand the difference between a one-night-stand versus romance – 13:30
  • What I learned from Don Miguel Ruiz (Toltec Wisdom) and Miranda from Sex in the City – 18:45
  • The one trait you must have – 21:45

Enjoy and I’d love you hear what tweaks you’ve made that have helped you in the comments below!


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