Scott Ensign

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Have You Ever Made a Power Move?

Scott Ensign, CSO at Butler/Till, shares a surprising power move that accelerated his career and success.

Power moves sometimes get a bad wrap but contrary to popular belief they can be subtle… not always about outsmarting your adversaries.

When done well they can increase your learning, growth, and contribute to the team and organization.

Scott really opened my eyes with his personal story and what it truly means to lead at work.

He’s a top executive for Butler/Till, the marketing agency that has a proven track record leading marketing strategy for some of North America's largest brands.

Scott's LinkedIn profile

Butler/Till's website


  • The Hard-Earned Lesson that Transformed His Leaders
  • How to Foster a Team that Speaks Up
  • How Employee-owned Companies Work Differently to Win
  • Why All Leaders Have a Role in Digital Transformation
  • His Favorite 90’s Fashion Accessory
  • How He Conquered Impostors Syndrome
  • The One Trait He’d Instill in Every Employee
  • The Meeting that Transformed his Career


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