Scott Giberson

He led the war against Ebola and won.

Scott Giberson led and won with the “Marine Corp of Public Health” versus one of the nastiest infectious diseases in history. Get inspired by his story and lessons learned of what it truly takes to lead against raging infectious disease breakout, including communicating with the most powerful leaders in the world like the President of the United States.

He now serves as President of AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, which provides medical solutions and services to some of the most remote and challenging environments in the world.

Scott had a 27-year active-duty career, retired as 2-star Admiral in 2021, and then served as the acting Deputy Surgeon General of the United States in 2013 and 2014.

He was selected by the Military Officers Association of America (largest military advocacy organization in the U.S.) as one of the “Top 100 Veterans in the last 100 Years That You Need to Know.

He’a also had health-related leadership roles in clinical care on American Indian Reservations to fight disease outbreaks, worked in multiple countries on health diplomacy missions, and running the headquarter operations of a Uniformed Service of the United States.

Scott's LinkedIn profile

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare's website


  • The secret corp that won the war against Ebola (and what he learned as their leader).
  • What he did to “decomplexifying” in a crisis.
  • The critical phone call with President Obama.
  • The advice he’d give his younger self today.
  • The twist in his career that led to his growth.


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