Selena Cuffe

Is stakeholder capitalism better than just plain capitalism? Leaders who prioritize ALL stakeholders more than just shareholders may hold an edge.

Selena Cuffe is President of SodexoMagic, a joint venture between NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Sodexo, Inc. It consists of 1,700 U.S. client sites and 6,500 employees, in partnership with Sodexo’s business lines and senior leaders.

She shares a key principle to successfully run a company based on profitability and sustainability.

She is co-founder of global wine importer, Heritage Link Brands, with her husband, Khary Cuffe. They discovered that only 2 percent of South Africa's $3 billion wine industry was owned by black South Africans. As CEO of Heritage Link Brands, she now runs the largest import business of these wines, bringing them to audiences around the world.

Selena also serves on the Audit Committee for the Harvard Business School African American Alumni Association, Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee for the Harvard Business School Women Student Alumni Board and is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank 12th District Economic Advisory Council.

In addition, Selena sits on the Overseas Studies Advisory Council at Stanford University and is Vice President Emerita of the Global Alumni Board of the Harvard Business School.

Selena received her BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard University.


Selena’s LinkedIn profile

SodexoMagic website

Heritage Link Estates website 



  • Why her journey as an entrepreneur is the “Ultimate Love Story”.
  • What it means to “live radically in the moment”.
  • How her tragic losses early in life propelled her forward.
  • Success strategies for launching a business.
  • Her leadership philosophy.
  • Using “stakeholder capitalism” to measure your success.
  • Why supply chain diversification is VITAL, and how every leader can do it.
  • How to cultivate positive relationships as a leader.
  • How Selena ended up working for Magic Johnson.
  • What happened when she started importing wine from Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter.
  • The history of vineyards in South Africa.


“Go for what jars you to the point of feeling uncomfortable.”

“It always comes down to the people.”

“Cultivate, nurture, and manage your relationships.”


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Nelson Mandela

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7 Sisters Vineyard 

Brown Estate - 2019 Recluse; Chaos Theory (The only black-owned vineyard in Napa) 

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