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BEAT Burnout with Self-Awareness

It was Sunday night.

And we had a disastrous incident in our house.

The coffee pot was left on the stove top.

Then the stove top was accidentally turned on and the coffee pot melted.

The burning coffee pot spewed smoke everywhere and left a charred residue and stench through the house.

Fortunately the house did not burn down and no one was injured.

But my entire week came unraveled.

This incident started a domino effect that totally screwed up my plans for the week.

The resentment and anger kicked in, and then a story of “why me”

I was going to have my most productive week ever.

I was going to change the life of everyone I know.

Then the damn coffee pot caught on fire.

Here I am trying to live an “enlightened existence” and remarkably something like this throws me way off course.

I had gone completely unconscious and lost all self-awareness.

Ever happen to you?

Now, if enough of these kinds of situations compound then it can disorient you for days and leave you burnt out.

It can happen with anything like when you get a flat tire on the way to the airport, your laptop implodes, or you lose your cell phone charger.

So when something goes really wrong for you then what next?

Instead of spinning in a tizzy when it all hits the fan (and it always does from time to time), you can choose some thing different.

There are huge benefits for finding your quiet in the storm and building your self-awareness like:

  • Clear-Headed Thinking
  • Less Stress
  • Greater Effectiveness

I find it helpful to develop a simple practice.

The great thing about a practice is that it’s all about the “practice”.

It more about the journey and not the destination (aka you ain’t going to be an expert right out of the gate).

It takes time to develop a practice, but starting gives you an enormously helpful tool to call upon when times get tough.

A simple practice for when something catches on fire (or the equivalent for you)

Disclaimer: If something physically catches fire then best to practice putting it out or evacuating right away.

This practice can be instrumental in your career by using it when things pop-up unexpectedly in the office.

When something comes up and throws my week off here is my simple practice.

It’s something I work at and get a little better each time it happens.


Sounds simple?

How quickly can you notice it?

Right when it happens?

The “practice” is just recognizing that something has thrown your day or week off.   Acknowledge it.

You’ve got to be conscious of it first.

Try practicing slowing down.

Then consider breaking down what’s going on for you in 4 areas.

It happens to make an acronym (BEAT)…reminds me of Michael Jackson, Beat It:

  • Body – What is going on with your body when something throws you off in life?  Do you get tight, hot, itchy, sweaty, etc…
  • Emotion – What kind of emotion comes up for you?  anger, resentment, sad, jumpy, etc…
  • Action – What’s your initial knee jerk reaction? Storming out of the door, calling your boss, etc…
  • Thought – What’s story play through your head? What stories do you attach?  A story about how bad things are going?

Apply the BEAT and start noticing the signs when you’ve been thrown off track and reap the benefits!

To Igniting Your Career!