Signs of BurnoutI’m excited to announce the official launch of my no-cost Conquer your Burnout, 14-day burnout solution.

This mini-course I’ve created helps you recapture your motivation for the corner office and reignite your career.

I’ve designed it to shift the way you think about your work day and help you:

  • Wake-up energized and excited to get the work day started
  • Bring more creativity to your work day
  • Start breaking down the barriers and obstacles you face
  • Experience your work day with more freshness and excitement
  • Start impacting the lives of the others

In case you’re wondering if this is mini-course is for you, I’m including my 21 signs of burnout below along with a scale to gauge your own burnout.

These aren’t the “scientific” signs of burnout.

These are the real-world situations that come-up for my clients.

Twenty-one Signs of Burnout

  1. Setting your alarm before you have to wake-up, so you can repeatedly push the snooze button.  When you finally get out of bed you’re exhausted and frantic because you’re late for work.
  2. Finding yourself too depleted after work to cook, go the gym, or be present with your family.
  3. Losing sleep over what happened (or didn’t) at work.
  4. Feeling like you’ve been liberated from prison when 5:00 Friday rolls around.
  5. Responding when your family or friends ask you how your day went with a bland “fine”…
  6. Noticing that your co-workers ask you frequently “are you feeling ok?
  7. Ending all going to lunch and attending happy hour with co-workers because you’re no longer interested in building your company network.
  8. Living like a vampire arriving at the office before dawn and leaving the office after sunset.
  9. Dreading Mondays and living for Fridays, holidays, and especially long weekends because you don’t normally take time off.
  10. Fantasizing about quitting.
  11. Dreading explaining “what you do for a living?” at cocktail parties.
  12. Not caring how you treat your co-workers or customers because you don’t have the energy to deal with them.
  13. Not remembering the last time you felt satisfied or a sense of accomplishment at the end of your workday.
  14. Living in a constant state of overwhelm.
  15. Rarely feeling like you’re making progress no matter how much work you do or how hard you work at it.
  16. Making cynical remarks about the company, and not caring who hears you.
  17. Losing your temper more easily than you ever have, and when you do you it feels good just to let it erupt on whoever’s around.
  18. Overloading your partner or close friends with your own job complaints.
  19. Not being able to stomach another job search even though you feel like you need a change.
  20. Being totally exhausted of your career, but the idea of making a career change seems impossible considering insurance, 401k, etc…
  21. Noticing your co-workers walking on eggshells around you because they don’t know what to expect.

The Signs of Burnout Scale

If any of these signs apply to you don’t worry; you’re not alone.

I’m here to help.

Take a quick count of how many of these situations are true for you.

Then use the scale below to identify your next best step.

…If you answered 1-3 points above:


The job is starting to get to you, but it’s not time to hit the panic button yet.

You could just be under temporary stress at work and can probably get through it with exercise, some rest, and then taking some preventative measures.

Consider signing up for the Burnout Manifesto and Conquer Your Burnout eCourse by entering your email below.

…If you answered 4-6


You’re on the path to burnout and your energy levels are quickly being exhausted.

Definitely sign-up for Burnout Manifesto and Conquer Your Burnout eCourse below.
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…If you answered 7 or more

Burned Out

Time to take action and no time to waste.

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To Igniting Your Career!