6 Destructive Habits to Nix Now

Nix this habit

Are your habits working for you?

Sure, you can look at your results.  You can consider your annual review, the stock price, and the number of atta boy emails you receive…

But your results only tell part of the story.  Time to consider “how” you’re working.

How You Work is the Real Story

It seems like most feedback at work is related to the outcome or the result of your work.  Rarely is there discussion on “how” you’re getting your results.

Are your results sustainable?  Can you continue to deliver?  Is your body of work going to look more like a “one hit wonder” or like Bruce Springsteen’s which has streamed on for decades?

So “How” you get results is just as important as the results themselves.

The consequence of not attending to “how” can be stress, exhaustion, and burn out all in pursuit of the outcome. Consider how this impacts your results over the long haul.  For example, if pull out all the stops to make the numbers for 6 months straight, are you or your team going to have enough energy and mojo for the next 6?

It’s time that you really start looking at “how” you work.

Let’s start by taking a look at your habits at the office.

Six Habits to Nix Now

In this podcast, I discuss six destructive habits to nix. Attacking these habits will reinvigorate your day at the office and help you sustain long term success.

Here’s a summary of the work day habits to nix:

  1. Working through lunch, or it’s sister habit of eating lunch at your desk.  There’s are lots of alternative to this habit, and I explain them all.
  2. Answering emails outside work hours.  I share the story of how cool I thought I was when I got my first blackberry, and how quickly I developed an email habit almost ate me alive.
  3. Not planning your vacation, or the closely related habit of putting off taking your vacation until December. I share how I habitually put off taking vacation and even left ample vacation unused at the end of the year.
  4. Over explaining yourself when you take time off. Also known at the guilty dog barks.
  5. Remaining silent in meetings.  Also known as the habit of “ducking”, “burying your head in the sand”, and “mentally checking out”.
  6. Biting off more than you can chew. – I explain the habit of saying “yes” and how to practice the art of no.  You can learn more on how to say No without getting fired here.

So what other destructive work day habits do you or your coworkers fall prey too?

Please include them in the comments section below.


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