11 Tips to Reduce Your Stress at Work (Podcast)

How to reduce stress

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Can stress at work be more stressful than getting your mortgage foreclosed on by the bank?

Well according the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, Yes!

I ran across this interesting scale recently that ranks stressful events by how likely they are to make you ill.

Understandably the list includes stressful events like Divorce and Imprisonment, but what really surprised me was how many other “work related” events showed up like:
  • Dismissal from work (sounds like getting fired or being “asked” to leave)
  • Retirement (amazing how the stress caused by retirement was only 2 points less stressful than getting fired)
  • Business readjustments
  • Changing to a different line of work
  • Trouble with the boss

The scale indicates that much of the stress at work we face can stress us out to the point of getting sick.

But the good news is that you can deal with stress with more resilience, and you can even reduce your stress by using a few of the practical tips I’m including in this podcast.

I’ve worked in some stressful work environments myself, and I’m pleased to share the ones that have worked the best for me…and my clients.

11 Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Here is an outline of the 11 stress reducing tips I’m breaking down in the podcast, so you can follow along:
  1. Give yourself something to look forward to.
  2. Focus on getting 1 thing done
  3. Build alliances versus going it alone
  4. Accept versus fight
  5. Take control via these 3 tactics –  Negotiate. Block, and Schedule
  6. Listen to music (I reveal my favorite Pandora station and you’ll never guess what it is)
  7. Breathe deeply
  8. Meditate- See my Overachievers Guide to Office Meditation and Serenity
  9. Start a Gratitude Journal
  10. Work out
  11. Get an extra dose of sleep

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