Ted Tanner

He had Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as Mentors in the Same Year.

Get inspired by Ted Tanner, CIO of Big Bear.ai, who shares his incredible personal journey that’s literally changed the world.

Discover the “TAO of Tech Leadership”... how the natural order of human wisdom and tech can harmoniously come together.

He’s like the Rick Rubin of Sound and Technology. 

He’s on the bleeding edge of sound, tech, and Machine Learning, and you’ll want to hear his predictions where it's all headed.

It’s poignant, metaphysical, and stretches the imagination about what’s possible.

Ted’s motto is “Ship Software, Change The World”.

BigBear.ai’s mission is to deliver clarity for the world’s most complex decisions. BigBear.ai’s AI-powered, decision intelligence solutions are leveraged in three core markets: global supply chains & logistics, autonomous systems and cyber. Their customer’s include BigBear.ai’s customers, which include the US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and the US Federal Government.

He’s also served in senior leadership roles at companies like IBM (CTO and Chief Architect - Watson Health), Co-Founder and CTO PokitDok, Apple, and Microsoft.

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BigBear.ai's website

Ted's website


  • How a catastrophic injury became a pivotal moment.
  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - What he learned working for both.
  • The very first meeting he had with Steve Jobs.
  • Ted’s approach to finding great mentors.
  • Why he used rejection letters as wallpaper.
  • What it takes to become a leading CTO.
  • Why leaders must become technical AND strategic.
  • Machine learning - What leaders need to do now.


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