Disrupt HR Charleston

If you haven’t heard of DisruptHR then you’re missing out on something that’s a lot of fun.  It’s an idea exchange designed to energize, inform, and empower business leaders. As a presenter, I met inspired HR leaders, business owners, and community organizers.

The presentation format is designed to be fun and challenging.  The speakers have 5-minutes to make a point to the audience and the slides advance automatically. This adds to the audience enjoyment and can cross up even the most polished presenters. It’s a race against the clock with an emphasis on conciseness.

In my 5-minute Disrupt presentation below you’ll discover:

  • The one word that keeps your top talent from quitting.
  • The simple question that transforms a conversation about quitting into a conversation about staying.
  • Why the grass is always greener on top of the septic tank.

Plus as a bonus you’ll see the first, sixty second dance party in Disrupt history.  This includes some of my very cool dance moves.



P.S: For an extra dose of inspiration download my free report, 7 Strategies for Senior Leaders To Get the Most Out of Their Workforce