Three Questions You MUST Answer Before Quitting

what to consider before you quit

I was inspired recently when someone in Quit Alternative Training Academy sheepishly asked:

“I know this isn’t very ‘Quit Alternative‘ of me…but my organization just offered a severance package for those who want to quit.  Should I stay or quit and take the severance?

Great Question!

First off, no matter where you go in your career the mission is always the same…create the job you love. (tweet this). Staying on this mission is so incredibly important because its empowering and keeps you in the driver’s seat of your career.

Secondly, even with a severance package its crucial to answer three questions before quitting.

Answer these first and you’ll:

  • Know you’re making the right decision to stay or leave
  • Save yourself a lot of stress and money
  • Maybe even earn a new car

1. What’s Your Real Cost of Quitting?

To put things in perspective, you could buy a new car ($31,252 according to USA Today), with the money it takes to quit and get a job.

And while your cost of quitting could be a little different depending on your situation (I walk you through your personal calculation in the course), but the same cost factors apply to everyone:

  • Your time looking for new job
  • Perks like accumulated vacation time, seniority, vesting
  • Delays in promotion and raises at your new job
  • Transition stress from a new office, routine, commute, community etc…
  • Starting over and proving yourself in a new environment

Of course, this comparison doesn’t mean you should never consider quitting. It just shows the importance of taking care with the decision just like you would with a big financial investment…like buying a car.

2. What’s the Return on Investment of Doubling your Effort where You are?

Considering your real cost of quitting,  it’s important to calculate the return if you invested more of yourself into your work day.

What if you took your current job with all it’s imperfections and turned it into an opportunity to bring out your personal best?

Investing in your current job could deliver a better return than moving on even with the severance when it’s all said and done.

Areas to consider:

  • Promotion with an opportunity to make an even bigger impact
  • Raise with more money for more value added
  • Doing more soul filling work with activities you enjoy
  • A reinvention of your role at work.   This is a chance to break free if you’ve felt ‘pigeonholed’ in the past…maybe even a new job within your current organization –
  • An opportunity to lead a new exciting project
  • More schedule flexibility such as working from home one day per week or work a different set of hours to make your work day more enjoyable
  • Expand your skills by pursuing training in an interest area

When  you consider this question it often re-frames your current job frustration from:

How can I afford to stay?
How can I afford not to?

3. What does Your Dream Job Look Like?

This seems like it’s the easiest question to answer, but it’s often the most challenging.  It’s also the one that gets skipped in the “stay or leave” discussion.

This requires introspection and strong consideration of what you really want versus what others (society, family, and friends) might be whispering in your ear.

If you don’t know what your dream job looks like, then you’re destined to never find it.  The consequence is that you might quit and then end up in another job that’s not very motivating.  I know because I’ve been there.

Also, if you answer this question first you may begin to discover pieces of of your dream job within your current work day.

Or if you decide to quit…instead of running away from a job you’re frustrated with…you’ll be running toward something you’re really exciting about.

If you’re struggling to answer this question, schedule a time with me to get a clear picture of what you’re ideal job looks like and you’ll receive a 3-step plan to get you there.

These Three Questions can Help You Right Now

Even if you’re not considering quitting, answering the questions can help you create the job you love and experience more job satisfaction today.

Try blocking out 10 minutes on your calendar, write these three questions down at the top of page, then begin brainstorming.

To creating the job you love!


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