Viral Tripathi

Great leaders make great leaders! Just like a student, a leader is always asking questions, always gathering data, and using that information to execute action items that impact the bigger picture. No matter what your field or industry is, learning never stops and being a lifelong learner is the key to success.

I host Viral Tripathi, Global CIO of Ascendion, where he shares his a-ha moment of how he went from the tech guy to a global business leader.

Most recently, Collabera has rebranded their Digital Engineering Solutions business as Ascendion (pronounced as Ascend-ee-ON) for which Viral is the Global CIO and a member of the Executive Committee.

He is a passionate technologist with almost 30 years of global experience, having lived and worked in India, Europe, and the US working as an IT industry professional as well as a Management Consultant with a Big 4 company with leadership. He’s held leadership roles at KPMG and The Associated Press.

Viral’s strong academic background includes an Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge, degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and several IT certifications.

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  • The key to Viral’s rapid promotion path to Global CIO.
  • Why all leaders must understand their business first.
  • Why “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is terrible leadership advice.
  • What’s wrong with Peter Drucker’s quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.
  • How to make tech “more than just a cost center”.
  • The biggest benefit of pursuing an MBA at 40 years old.
  • Why he wakes up early and meditates every day.


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“Instead of a know-it-all, become a learn-it-all."


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