Wes Carter

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There’s a Packaging Leader Revolutionizing the Supply Chain.

Incredible message from Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging, the largest, privately held industrial packaging company in North America.

He reveals the defining moment that sparked a revolutionary shift towards environmental impact and sustainability.

Leading a transformative movement, Wes propelled this third-generation family business to change the world, with a groundbreaking 8-part documentary on Amazon Prime capturing their journey. His visionary leadership is shaping the industry's path towards a more positive future.

He is also Founder of A New Earth Project, a strategic collaboration between the packaging supply chain and the outdoor industry to rid the world's oceans, lakes and rivers of plastic pollution.

Wes' LinkedIn profile

Atlantic Packaging's website

His Amazon Series… Journey to a New Earth


  • How He Discovered his Unique Leadership Style.
  • What It’s Like Pivoting a Third Generation company.
  • How to Use Work to Express Your Strengths and Passion.
  • Why his Packaging Company is Perfectly Positioned for Global Impact.
  • How They Became a Major Catalyst for Revolutionizing the Supply Chain.
  • The Key to Long-term and Short-term Performance.
  • His Project that’s Making the Outdoor Industry Sustainable.
  • How Wes is Making the Surfboad Industry Sustainanble.
  • What Inspired His New Amazon Prime Series and How it's Changing the World.


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