Special Announcement: What You can Learn About Burnout From Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr, and Bruce Springsteen

Job Burnout

I’m excited to announce my first guest article is featured on Fistful of Talent.

Within 24 hours of this post, my article already had 86 tweets and 44 shares on LinkedIn, so you can imagine my enthusiasm.

It’s so exciting to me because I’m getting to share our message on job burnout with an even larger audience.


Here’s what you’ll get by checking my guest post on Fistful of Talent:

  • Laughter – It gives you 5 celebrity profiles to identify burnout in yourself and your co-workers.  You won’t believe how Kim Kardashian and Robert Downey, Jr come into play.
  • Ease – Celebrity burnout profiles are one of the easiest ways to identify burnout at the office.  They take burnout to the extreme and you’ll start noticing when you get the “Paula Abdul” look from your co-workers (or in the mirror) on Monday morning.
  • Clarity – You’ll also find out how to use Bruce Springsteen to re-ignite your office and your own career.

An Edgy Way to Look at HR

HR can get a bad rap when it comes to burnout.

Their gig can get so bogged with benefits management, insurance, etc… that there’s little time for challenging the status quo, improving cross business communication, and charting the course for a brighter future.

But after this experience, I’ve got an entirely new appreciation for what’s possible.

You see, my guest post came together when I connected with an inspired VP of Human Resources whose steadily been growing his blog and readership since 2006 (see HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent).

I was thrilled that a HR Rock Star would respond so quickly to my request to connect and also share a few minutes of his time to give me some pointers.

Kris Dunn is not your ordinary HR VP.

He’s led HR for several companies, but he’s also managed to grow two powerhouse blogs at the same time.

What I like most about his blogs is that he’s challenging a narrowly defined world-view of HR within Corp.

Plus, his content is edgy and interesting.

When I see HR through his eyes, I’m inspired by the possibilities of HR playing a key role in reigniting the workplace from burnout.

It gives me hope, and I think it will for you too.

Your Next Step

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What You can Learn About Burnout From Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr, and Bruce Springsteen

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