Zach Lupetin

Rockstars can teach us a lot about leadership vision.

To inspire your audience (customers), you must have an inspired band! So it’s crucial you have a compelling vision that others want to follow.

I host the lead singer from one of my favorite bands, Zach Lupetin from Dustbowl Revival. He shares his hard-earned leadership lessons from the road and the music industry that you can also use to lead your team. He also shares his vision for his music and podcast and how he navigates the challenges.

Zach is a songwriter, playwright, podcaster, and the founding member of folk-rock adventurers Dustbowl Revival. Since coming together via a hopeful California Craigslist ad, Dustbowl has played in over ten countries and produced seven beloved albums. The group's latest, “Is It You, Is It Me,” appeared in the top 20 of the alternative sales charts and enjoyed features in Rolling Stone and Billboard. A new EP “Set Me Free” dropped in 2022.

He  began his music discovery podcast The Show On The Road in 2018. The show aims to introduce incredible artists to new audiences, and focuses on giving fans a sense of what it's really like to tour the world and play music 200 + days a year. 125 episodes strong, the podcast has been downloaded nearly 1 million times. In 2022, Lupetin launched his first radio show The Sway Out West Radio Hour on 88.5FM the SoCal Sound in LA on Saturday mornings where he showcases his favorite songwriters each week.

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  • The true magic of interviewing a band on podcast.
  • Zach’s biggest joy.
  • The importance of becoming a curator of what you love, or having someone who does this for you.
  • Zach's mission to save music.
  • The Dustbowl Revival song I love to sing with my daughter.
  • The real economics behind leading a band.
  • How to get your favorite band to come to your town.
  • How bands make their decisions on where they tour.
  • What it’s like selling out and recording at the Troubadour in LA.
  • Zach’s journey from advertising to band leader.
  • Why Zach started Dustbowl Revival with an eight-piece band.
  • Why the “big sound is always worth it”.
  • The power of a strong vision in music.
  • What you learn about leadership from a rock band.
  • How a band can effectively recover from turnover.
  • The power of having two lead singers.
  • How music streaming has changed the world for bands.
  • How to really help your favorite band.
  • How his podcast has impacted his band.
  • His top 5 headliners for hi-dream music festivals. 
  • Where to get your starter dose of Dustbowl Revival.


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