The Burnout Specialist

A while back I reached the tipping point.

I was completely burned out in my career.

I found myself frustrated and cynical from the years of my own unfulfilled expectations and dreams at Corporate.

And then after burning myself out, I finally decided to stop thinking like an “employee” and more like someone that actually owned the place and showed up at work on his own terms.

I was able to reignite my own career.

After my own transformational experience I noticed so many others showing up to work burnt out, sleep walking through their day, or even scared about losing their job (and too scared to do anything about it).

I realized I can help them.

The Movement

This site exists because I had several coaches and mentors who crossed my path and showed me what was possible.

I plan to do the same for you.

Part of this Movement Against Burnout we’re leading is to connect people all over the globe who are doing and want to do inspiring work.

My vision is to build a tribe of inspired executives that re-energize Corporate.

Our tribe of inspired executives has a fire in their belly and will revolutionize the work place.

They will model a new passionate kind of career path and others will see that it is attainable and realistic.  The excuses for others start to dissipate.

Your inspired career is totally possible.

You’ve just got to start taking small steps to get there (and of course start the journey to envision where “there” is).

The Corporate Crucible

In the corporate crucible, I’ve experimented to figure out what lights us all on fire.

In my experience, I’ve noticed a common thread for making self discoveries and developed lots of strategies to help others (like you) do the same through coaching.

Here are the ideas that drive most of the content on the website:

  1. You don’t have to throw away your current career to have one that’s inspired (most are relieved by this)
  2. Your path to reigniting your career starts by learning something new.
  3. You can have an inspired career, but you have to get around to understanding yourself first (not after the fact)
  4. You can do much, much more than you realize.
  5. There is almost always a better way

If you agree with anything above, you’ll enjoy being a part of this community.

Big things are on the way, and I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

Here’s to Ending Burnout!


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