Andrea Quiroz

Does Kindness or Confrontation Make You a Stronger Leader?

Get Inspired by Andrea Alejandra Quiroz, CEO of Pragma USA, who shares the moment she discovered her leadership super power and how to effectively balance it with a powerful toughness and resilience.

It can seem like the prototypical leader is confrontational and slashes through the organization to get results.

We've all seen plenty of that.

However Andrea's message challenges that approach and is an insightful perspective on leadership balance.

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Pragma USA is a company that provides near shoring solutions offering cloud-native applications, migrations to the cloud, and e-commerce platforms.

They have operations in the USA, Central and South America, and two development hubs in Colombia and Peru. There are more than 1,300 pragmatics delivered over 700 projects for 150+ clients across the continent.

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  • The CEO Letter that Accelerated her Promotion to the C-Suite
  • How She Learned to Trust Her Leadership
  • How She Adapted her Leadership Style for the US Market
  • Tips for Increasing Sales Across Different Culture


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