Carolyn Henry

From Tech Girl Mentor to Intel CMO.

Carolyn Henry, Intel Corporation CMO Americas, has driven change at some of the most powerful tech brands including in her role at Intel and previously IBM and BMC Software.

Her biggest passion though...

...championing STEM for women worldwide.

The reality is stark:

Girls are often socialized out of Science and Math by Age 8.

This destroys dreams and potential.

Then It accumulates into an imbalanced workforce.

Carolyn is changing that right now.

You’ll be inspired by her personal story and be energized to change the world too.

I sure was!

Carolyn's LinkedIn profile

Intel Corporation's website


  • Insights for Doing Business in Latin America
  • How She Became a Fierce Advocate for Women in Tech.
  • Why Girls Get Socialized Out of Math and How She’s Changing That.
  • Her Incredible Career Journey from Liberal Arts College to Tech Executive
  • What It’s Like Being First in Her Family to Achieve Higher Education
  • A Strategy to Cultivate Energy and Focus
  • How Her Team is Driving AI at Intel and the Broader Industry
  • What You Learn for a Company that’s 50 Years Old
  • Why Executives Should Consider “Spot Education".
  • The Mantra She Lives By.
  • How Intel is Building Ethics into AI.


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