Carsten Bruhn

Does INNER PEACE Drive Revenue?

Carsten Bruhn, CEO and President of Ricoh USA, Inc, absolutely blew me away with his strategies for achieving mindfulness and how he credits this to accelerating his leadership effectiveness.

He believes in it so much that when he moved to the US to become CEO...

...he brought his Mindfulness Coach with him.

It's become the cornerstone of his leadership philosophy.

You'll love how this positively impacts his team and thousands of employees...

...and even how he uses it improves his commute to New York City.

Inner Peace could be the missing ingredient for accelerating your success.

Carsten's message definitely made me reflect on how I'm running my work day.


If you don't know Ricoh, they are the integrated digital services, print, and imaging solutions company with 90,000 employees working with 1.4 million businesses, including 84% of the Fortune 500.

Carsten is known as an authentic, humble Servant Leader who is passionate about creating a thriving culture for all team members

He's a "global citizen," bringing more than 20 years of experience from around the world. This includes having lived and worked in Great Britain, Denmark and Japan, and now in the U.S. as a CEO.

Carsten's LinkedIn profile

Ricoh USA's website


  • A Moment that Transformed His Career
  • Why True Leaders Speak Last.
  • What Martial Arts Taught Him About Leadership.
  • Why Mindfulness is a Vital Skill.
  • The Hack that Helped Him Meet 1,000 Employees.
  • 3 Tools for Connecting with Your Team.
  • The Time an Employee Made Him Cry.


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