Casey Marquette

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Casey Marquette, CEO and Founder of Covenant Technologies has had a banner career that includes executive roles at CVS, Johnson and Johnson, Cognizant, and generating sales of $6M in his first year of running his own company!

The foundation of his success?

You’ll get the story of the “big bet” that an early mentor made on him which completely transformed his career and accelerated his success.

He’s been placing those same kinds of bets on this team ever since.

It’s made ALL the difference.

It’s fueled his success and that of the entire organization!

If you’d like get more from your team, then don’t miss Casey’s interview…

Casey's LinkedIn profile

Covenant Technologies' website


  • The Call Casey Took While Running a Marathon that Transformed his Career.

  • His Journey from Law Enforcement to CEO.
  • The Two Leaders that Transformed his Career.
  • The Ratio that Matters Most in Leadership.
  • Why an RV/Camper is an Effective Sales Tool.

  • How to Instill Extreme Focus in Your Team.
  • Why CEO's Let the Waiter Order for Them.

  • The Tony Robbins Quote He Lives and Leads By.


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