Chris Deri

Bad News Builds Your Brand

Chris Deri, President, Corporate Advisory Businesses, and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, at Weber Shandwick - the global PR and Communication Firm, shares his top strategy for building your brand and reputation even when delivering bad news in a terrible situation.

Many leaders hide or run from a problem or accident. They build a team to make problems "go away" or and “sweep them under the rug”...

…Chris and his team take a different approach.

You’ll discover the process he and his team uses when leaders face their darkest moments to...

…earn more trust.

…build your brand.

…boost your credibility.

Bottom line, Chris’ message shows us the power of honest communication in difficult times.

You’ll also hear a few surprising example of companies mishandling it. Ugh!

Chris has decades of experience advising Fortune 500 CEOs and C-Suite leaders on communications and reputation/stakeholder management.

He’s also worked in many global markets and different countries over the course of his career.

Before PR and communications, Chris has worked in US presidential politics, AIDS advocacy and has served on the boards of social justice and peace building organizations – this experience has very much informed his current leadership style.

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